Friday, April 3, 2015

For those who would like to have updates on this story...

Hey you guys,

Thank you so much for all those who have visited and are still visiting this page. Please spread the word around as much as possible. I'm writing this so that I can apologize to all those who would like to have some more recent updates on this story and Mr. Rosby.
For all of you who would like to know more, please follow the links from this blog to Mr. Rosby's "Facebook" page. You will find all the relevant information on his page, as well as numerous other links to his amazing "Team Max", all the events they've been attending and creating and the tremendous work that has been done since Max was so unjustly executed.
In all honesty (as selfish as it might sound), I can't update this blog on a daily basis simply because it's too painful for me. I still cry when I get notified that someone left a comment on my "YouTube" channel because I have to see the thumbnail of the video. And I still have Max's picture on my refrigerator; I "tell" him "good morning" and "good night" every single day. Max will forever be in my heart.
I created this blog to give life to Max's story. I truly hope that all those who are touched by this story will find ways to find out the details of the more recent events.
So I hope you guys will forgive me for not coming back here on a more regular basis. I will do my best to answer comments, but if you absolutely want to make sure that I will get back to you, please use the "GPlus" link on this blog to contact me directly. That way, I will most definitely be in touch with you.

Here is the direct link to Mr. Rosby's "Facebook" page (in case you missed it): Mr. Leon Rosby.

Again, thank you so much to all of you for reading my blog and for caring enough to spread the word or to post a comment...

Thank you!