Sunday, July 28, 2013

Leon Rosby's Emotional Interview

Leon Rosby's emotional interview in which he describes the horrible incident of his dog, Max being unjustly executed in front of his eyes by a Hawthorne police officer, Jeffrey Salmon.


  1. I am curious how his lawsuit is going, he deserves whatever he can get for this senseless shooting

    1. It's a never ending story with the lawsuit... Apparently, they found a way to sue Mr. Rosby for "interfering"... I honestly can't believe that they never even apologized or showed/expressed any sort of sympathy...

    2. Mr. Rosby has had an officer and a detective from the Hawthorne P.D. express support and fully agree that Salmon was wrong and should be fired. They're afraid to say this publically though.

      Also: Salmons dad and grandfather were big wigs in the Hawthorne P.D. did you know that?
      It's disgusting. What's also disgusting is the comments by LE on the website. One of them was making jokes about it.
      I am thankful the state troopers in my state are professional and screen for bad apples.
      They would NEVER tolerate this. I called them up and thanked them and explained why I did. They appreciated it.

      P.S. Salmon was Doxxed recently as much as I'd like to send him a shame on you letter, I'm afraid it would hurt not help Leon

      P.S. Do you know how many hits the video has now? I can't stand to even glimse it.